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Erickson Lubin hosts speaking engagements with local communities and schools, educating individuals on substance abuse awareness. Book your engagement today.

KO Addiction

KO Addiction’s mission is to raise awareness about the growing drug epidemic in the United States. The organization was formed by Garry Jonas, CEO of White Sands Treatment Centers, who is also Erickson Lubin’s manager. Lubin is committed to educating the youth of today on the harsh realities of the opiate epidemic that are facing our nation in an effort to combat addiction.

Awareness about addiction and the current opiate epidemic is needed now more than ever before due to the increasing numbers of drug-related fatalities and overdoses in recent years. With the opiate epidemic sweeping the nation, Lubin understands the particular effect that drugs have had on his hometown of Orlando, Florida. Seeing first-hand the impact that substance abuse has had on our nation further motivates Lubin to educate youth on the consequences of drug abuse.

Erickson Lubin, a spokesman for KO Addiction, is speaking out against substance abuse and is passionate about helping those who are struggling with addiction. At the age of just 21 years old, Lubin has an impressive collection of accolades under his belt including 2015 Boxing Scene prospect of the year, as well as 2016 ESPN prospect of the year.

After Turning Pro

Upon turning pro at the age of 18, Lubin had the privilege of being mentored by Mike Tyson, an American professional boxer, who taught him about the pitfalls of boxing both on a professional as well as a personal level. Tyson instilled confidence in Lubin which he continually possesses in every game. Lubin was also trained by Jason Galarza, a boxing trainer born in Brooklyn and resides in Orlando where he trained Lubin.

Erickson Lubin grew up admiring Mike Tyson and his knack for handling the ongoing pressure that boxing put on him. Just as Tyson mentored Lubin, Lubin wants to reciprocate that to the youth of today. Lubin was inspired by Tyson’s capacity to seamlessly move through the stresses that boxing imposed, further motivating him to never give up. He guided Lubin, empowering him on the ins and outs of professional boxing.

KO Addiction is set out to instill knowledge in the youth of today about the harms of drug abuse. Lubin wants to connect and resonate with kids throughout the United States, speaking ongoing about drug abuse, how it is affecting communities, and how important it is to seek help for anyone with addiction issues. Contrary to his relentless style of boxing, Lubin is an avid supporter of substance abuse prevention.

Opioid Crisis

KO Addiction is an organization that works to highlight the continuous drug epidemic of today. The opioid crisis in the United States is being called the worst drug crisis in history throughout the nation. More than 43,000 individuals per year die as a result of a drug-related death: a frightening number that needs immediate attention. In 2014, almost 47,100 people died from a drug overdose in the United States (source). That is more deaths than car accidents caused in the same year. The numbers continue to grow which is why KO Addiction is on a mission to do what it can to help this growing crisis.

Over the last decade, prescription opiates have been severely over-prescribed, leading people to be heavily dependent on them. Over the last 15 years, drug dependency has increased by 500 percent. This statistic, along with the harsh reality that a drug epidemic is in full force, has sparked a sense of urgency in KO Addiction. Lubin is committed to raising the realization of recent drug statistics so that those struggling can learn about drug prevention and treatment.


Erickson Lubin

Known as “The Hammer”, 21-year old undefeated American boxer, Erickson Lubin, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida to Haitian immigrant parents. Always attending the boxing gym with his older brother, junior middleweight, Lubin started boxing at the age of 4. By the age of 8, he had his very first amateur bout. In 2013, Lubin won gold medals at the Police Athletic League nationals as well as the U.S. National Golden Gloves. Turning down the opportunity at pursuing the Olympics in 2016, Lubin has absolutely no regrets in choosing the professional boxing route.

Growing up, undefeated super welterweight boxer, Lubin, had a great friendship with Mike Tyson who was consistently pushing, coaching, and motivating Lubin, giving him the confidence that he continually possesses in every game. Lubin was also trained by Jason Galarza, a boxing trainer born in Brooklyn and resides in Orlando where he trained Lubin.

Lubin has an impressive track record, boasting 18 wins, 0 losses, and 13 Kos so far in his career. Looking up to Oscar De La Hoya and enjoying a close relationship with Mike Tyson, Lubin always dreamt of going pro. Being undefeated, this rising star is 2017’s prospect of the year. The future continues to look bright for Lubin. With more successful wins on the radar, the undefeated boxer will work hard to maintain his rank in an effort to be the best that boxing has ever seen.

Next Fight: Erickson Lubin will go up against Jermell Charlo. His next fight will take place on Saturday, October 14th, 2017. The fight will air live on Showtime at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

White Sands Treatment

White Sands Treatment is committed to substance abuse prevention by supplying patients with a comfortable and supportive environment coupled with top-notch programs for addiction treatment. The company has two locations: one in Fort Myers and the other in Tampa. Their state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities feature a roster of board-certified counselors and doctors who specialize in treating drug and alcohol addiction.

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White Sands Treatment is pleased to sponsor Erickson Lubin as a spokesperson for drug abuse prevention.

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